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i'm wang (they/them) and i'm a hobby artist and kirby enthusiast living in NYC.

this site is primarily for hosting my art (portfolio? might be too generous?)
i make digital art using my ipad + procreate (or photoshop for my older work). i also like sketching with my trusty pilot razor point II or muji pen.

outside of drawing, i'm a software engineer by trade and i spend my time playing games, listening to music/podcasts, or whatever else that's captured my attention at the moment!

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about the site

i'd like to use this site as a living document of my art and interests. i've never been good at posting regularly to any social media - the pressure to maintain engagement on those sites is too much for my little heart. i aim to make this a space to express myself in ways that make me (and not necessarily the anonymous wider web) proud. but if you enjoy your visit that would make me happy too!

apologies in advance if the site experience is wonky at any point. most of this was written feverishly @ 2am and is desktop first (but responsive enough for mobile probably) The Web is yours Made with Notepad++ completely handcoded!


right now

  • playing: paper mario ttyd
  • reading: harrow the ninth
  • listening: cypress hill
  • casting: normal gossip
  • building: --
  • thinking: nothing at all

hobbies (current)

  • drawing
  • gaming
  • D&D
  • taiko
  • swimming
  • learning japanese

hobbies (in stasis)

  • beading
  • stamp carving
  • geoguessr
  • mechanical keyboards
  • lego + gundam building
  • famitracker production
  • bass guitar