idol profile

inspired by those creepy kpop star profiles, here's an extended list of info about me!

  • "stage" name: wang
  • given name: ████
  • birthday: nov 7
  • zodiac sign: scorpio
  • chinese zodiac sign: tiger
  • height: 160cm
  • blood type: B+
  • MBTI type: ENFP
  • nationality: chinese-american
  • representative color: goldenrod
  • representative emoji: 🤔


  • wang was born in ████, in the american south
  • they can speak english fluently and mandarin conversationally
  • their favorite part of the day is making a their morning coffee
  • if they had 1 million dollars, they would buy a DDR machine
  • wang was painfully average on their hs school swim team
  • they are not a morning person and sets multiple alarms
  • their season is fall, when the leaves turn red and the air turns crisp
  • they have no siblings
  • their earliest memory was ████ ████ at the ████
  • if they could eat only one food for the rest of their life, they pick kielbasa fried rice
  • the food they hate the most is fresh parsley
  • the most useless item wang owns is a card for an out of business hair salon
  • their favorite karaoke song is since u been gone by kelly clarkson
  • people have told them they look like an egg
  • wang's favorite vocaloid is gumi
  • wang's favorite smash characters are kirby and zelda
  • wang's favorite touhou character is sakuya
  • their charm point is ████ (subjective)